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Monday, June 26, 2017

Maximum Effort!

No, it's not a real book. I've just been struggling with the one I'm writing so I'm looking for distractions. In Long Haul, Jody finds a book in Ryker's truck called Rimjob Rob. I thought I would give it a cover. Clearly, I need therapy.

I don't often talk about my process because, frankly, who cares, but this is what it feels like to work on my current novel:

Yeah. That sums it up better than anything I could ever say. Or type, rather. Still, I will take solace from my spirit animal, Deadpool, and give it the very best I can. Sally forth!


  1. I think I like your drawing better anyway, your horse is smiling :)

    1. Lol, that is one happy horse! I would say it's because it met Rimjob Rob, but that would be a horrible thing to say. Aren't you glad I decided not to say that? Me too. ;)