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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Late Weekend Update

Well, the MST3K reboot was fun. I loved all the new characters and the cameos were great. Hearing different voices for the bots took some getting used to, but I love sassy Tom even more now. :)

I'm late with this posting since I'm in the process of buying a trailer. Being a renter in Colorado (or anywhere) really sucks right now. Rent goes up and up and there's just no end in sight.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll see a fuckton of trailer stuff. It's a single wide and very small but it's attached to land (no lot rent--yay!) and I can do some of the work rehabbing it myself.

Hey, I'm not just another perv writer who practices the manly art of home economics. I also practice the feminine art of home restoration. ;)

Please send me good vibes for my offer to go through.

Also, a really big thank you to all the people posting reviews and ratings on Goodreads.


Get it? A really big thank you? Yeah. I think I'm funny. I'm not, but I like thinking that I am. :)

Friday, April 14, 2017

It's Here! The new MST3K is finally here!

You people are lucky I haven't been posting non-stop about this reboot of my all-time favorite show. Seriously. My love for MST knows few bounds. After almost two decades off the air, they are back! *naked happy dance* Now, not only are they back, but the mads (mad scientists to the uninitiated) are played by Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt, two incredibly, epically awesome people. My weekend plans involve binge watching this show until my huge, throbbing erection subsides! *more naked happy dancing*

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Idiot Control

With a pickle mind
We kick the nipple beer
Steady as a goat
We’re flying over trout
Ghetto down the highway
At the speed of light
All I wanna feel now
Is the wind in my eyes
Sack of monkeys in my pocket
My sister’s ready to go

Hear the engines roar now
Idiot control now
Hideous control now
Ninny on the road now

Minnie in control
Wheels on fire
Burning rubber tires
Blurry jelly rolls now
Hiddy lets it go now
Needy inches bow down
Pitying a poor boy
Hear the engines roar
Bees on pie
Burning rubber tires

Confused? Check out this video on YouTube or stream the entire movie on Netflix.  Season One, Episode 11, Pod People*
*Note: Contains neither pods nor people. Also known as MST3K** Episode 303 Pod People.
**Note: MST3K aka Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Update

What did I do this weekend? Shameful, shameful things. I toyed with the dark side. I don’t even know if I should share this. I mean they are watching. But I feel I must say something. I—I—I did my taxes! There. I said it. Whew. I feel better. Oh, I also masturbated excessively, but I do that every weekend. Frankly, after the taxes, I needed it. Probably shouldn’t have done it to furry porn, but after a day of incomprehensible IRS rules, I felt I needed fluffy to offset the slimy.

I also watched Girlfriends Day on Netflix. Clearly, I’ve got a Bob Odenkirk thing going on. I’m okay with that. He’s got a certain je ne sais quoi. I think I’ll dedicate a book to him. I really liked the noir/comedy mash up going on here and the absurdity of the premise. And, bonus, he’s a frustrated writer. I can relate.

Also watched I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. When this went sideways, I about pissed myself. I wasn’t expecting that. So good. So creative. And, bonus, it has Elijah Wood. I need to dedicate a book to him too. Which reminds me, I need to create a Pinterest board of all the guys I’ve dedicated books to.

And finally, I fixed a bunch of clothing. Tell me I’m not the only one who has had a big box of “needs mending” stuff. Well, I tackled that box and I’ve never felt more accomplished. Buttons, tears, rips—I mended them all. And then I made myself some cookies.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Don't Buy My Love


Here is the link to request Crossing Lines for review:

You must be a member of the Goodreads M/M group to request the book.

Weekend Update

On the TV front...

I binge watched Better Call Saul Season 2 and loved it as much as the first season! Great characters and amazing visuals. I love how they show these people doing seemingly mundane stuff that turns out to have major impact on their lives.

On the beer front...

Well, things weren't as good here. Had New Belgium Citradelic, an exotic Lime ale. There aren't enough GHAs in the world to describe how bad this tasted. The beer was too weak to carry off the sharpness of the lime. However, they do have a tangerine IPA that rocks, probably because of the stronger beer behind the flavor.

You can see from the pic it's got a decent head but it's pale and watery. Still, I have to give them props for expanding on their fruit infused selections. This one just didn't work for me. However, people who like lighter beers, for example, if you like Corona with lime, you'll love this.