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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Update

On the TV front...

I binge watched Better Call Saul Season 2 and loved it as much as the first season! Great characters and amazing visuals. I love how they show these people doing seemingly mundane stuff that turns out to have major impact on their lives.

On the beer front...

Well, things weren't as good here. Had New Belgium Citradelic, an exotic Lime ale. There aren't enough GHAs in the world to describe how bad this tasted. The beer was too weak to carry off the sharpness of the lime. However, they do have a tangerine IPA that rocks, probably because of the stronger beer behind the flavor.

You can see from the pic it's got a decent head but it's pale and watery. Still, I have to give them props for expanding on their fruit infused selections. This one just didn't work for me. However, people who like lighter beers, for example, if you like Corona with lime, you'll love this. 

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