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Monday, May 15, 2017

On the nature of Cum/Come

Well, last week was a big one for me. Er, big in terms of what happened, not big in terms of a bacon orgasm. My offer on the condo was accepted! We close this Friday. I am all kinds of scared and excited. Now, to live there, I will have to make sacrifices--human sacrifices--so line up, people!

No, just kidding. But I do have to make some sacrifices with the internet. It's via satellite, which means it's hideously expensive and I can't stream much of anything. So Netflix has to go (whimper) but Trio suggested I get their DVD service, which I totally forgot all about. I think that's a great idea. It will be like getting little presents in the mail every week.

As to the title of this blog: Trio proofread Hell Frat for me and I was using cum/come interchangeably when I do know better. I heard from Selena Kitt that cum is the noun (Don't get cum in my eye, dude) and come is the verb (I'm going to come) so a fun sentence would be:

Oh, my God, I'm going to come a gallon of cum when I come over there with that bucket of bacon cum.

Yeah, that's pretty nasty so let's just hose everything down.

I also engaged in a very fascinating discussion about the many uses of corn cobs--they aren't just for dildos anymore. For more information on that, please check out Trio's review of Hell Frat.

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